Large Amount of Changes

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For large amounts of changes, we recommend compiling them in to a word document and attaching them below:

Your Name

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Your Website

Reason for large amount of changes

If other please explain why:

Explain your large amount of changes:

Upload list of changes in word document and zip other files to attach below.

View a video on how to Zip files in Windows 7.

Support plans cover the following:

  • Text and image changes within the content area
  • Google map updates
  • Contact form updates
  • Adding or removing pages
  • Updates to the navigation
  • Adding or updating sliders
  • Updating text or images on existing buttons and titles

Charges may apply for the following changes:

  • Text and image changes outside of the content area (header, footer, background)
  • Changes to the general art direction
  • Changes to site colors
  • Changes to site fonts or font size
  • Changes to functionality and template code
  • Restructuring of site architecture
  • Adding new custom buttons
  • Adding and updating events or blog posts
  • Managing image galleries